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BMI Obese

You are most likely a good candidate for the LAP-BAND® System procedure. Patients with a BMI greater than 33 who have associated medical complications of obesity ,and have failed with conservative weight loss methods would be good candidates. In addition, patients must be at least 18 years old, a good surgical risk, not pregnant, not on chronic steroids, have no history of prior stomach surgery, must not be addicted to alcohol or drugs, and must not have any medical condition which caused the obesity. And finally patients must be able and willing to abide by certain dietary and life style changes post-operatively.

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Please review our Frequently Asked Questions page to find out if you are good a candidate for the LAP-BAND® System procedure.

BMI Desirable

You are most likely not a candidate for the LAP-BAND® System procedure. Generally patients with a BMI of 33 or less, or under the age of 18 do not qualify for the LAP-BAND® System procedure.
In some instances the LAP-BAND® System procedure can be done for cosmetic purposes, to make it easier for you to obtain your weight loss goals. Cosmetic procedures are not a covered a covered benefit of most health insurance plans.
Patients with mild to moderate obesity are encouraged to make life style changes and to follow a diet and exercise program. Please click on Diet & Weight Loss to find a diet and to make lifestyle changes that are right for you. Please click on Sport & Fitness to find an exercise program that is right for you.

BMI Desirable Underweight

Your are under weight and not a candidate for the Lap-Band Procedure.