A Healthy Pregnancy After Lap-Band

12 Jul 2013 LAP-BAND Procedure

If you’re an overweight woman who is planning to have a child in the future, the Lap-Band® procedure can be an important step in preparing for a safe, healthy pregnancy. Lap-Band surgery may lead to significant weight loss and the reduction of obesity complications. Here are some points to consider to have a healthy pregnancy after Lap-Band. *

  • You need 12-18 months of “me” time. We recommend waiting at least one year after the procedure before trying to get pregnant. Dedicate this time period to concentrating on your own weight loss, as the body adjusts to the Lap-Band. Preferably, before becoming pregnant, you will have reached a healthy weight. *
  • In some cases, weight loss can enhance fertility. Being significantly overweight may affect hormone levels and fertility. As the weight comes off, fertility could improve. It is important to remember that your smaller stomach may not absorb oral contraceptives as well, meaning you should consider alternative forms of contraception. *
  • A healthier weight may mean fewer complications. Pregnancy with obesity carries risks. Excessive weight is associated with specific health concerns as you carry a child. Achieving a healthy weight with Lap-Band can alleviate the worries over pregnancy complications related to obesity. *
  • Congratulations! Let us know you’re pregnant. Your obstetrician is vital to the health of your baby. You’ll also want to contact your Lap-Band San Diego physician when you receive the good news. During this time, you will need to gain some weight. Your band can be loosened, allowing you to follow your obstetrician’s recommendations concerning nutrition and food intake. Because the Lap-Band is adjustable, it does not prevent a baby from receiving nourishment from its mother. The band should also support more gradual weight increases. *
  • Think weight loss after baby. Once your bundle of joy arrives, talk to your medical providers about the best time to make adjustments for weight loss. These can usually be performed while breastfeeding, if you continue eating nutrient-rich foods for your little one *

A healthy pregnancy is the top priority. Contact Lap-Band San Diego if you need more information as you start or add to your family.
*Results may vary. All medical procedures have risks of complications.  Consult your doctor.