Lap-Band® from a Personal Perspective

This is a letter we received from a former patient, giving her personal perspective on achieving weight loss success. She explains how Lap-Band has changed her life and brought her everyday victories.
Lap-Band Before and After San Diego Lap Band

* Results may vary.

My name is Duana, and I had Lap-Band® surgery on May 11, 2011. My story started when I went with my parents to the Lap-Band orientation with my insurance information. I eventually received the insurance approval, but it was a long road to get it done. I almost gave up, but Dr. Gertsch and Dr. Martinez (from the Premier Weight Loss Center) never did. I would not be where I am today without them.
Before I had my surgery, I was 349.5 pounds. I am now 194 pounds, a size 14, and getting smaller! The first seven days after my surgery, I lost 20 pounds, and the weight loss just kept going. I did the surgery for my health, because I was borderline diabetic. I had to take two water pills a day and wore clothing in sizes 26 to 28.*
When I would go to places like Sea World, I would have to stop every 10 to 15 minutes to rest because my back would be hurting. Now that I have lost 156 pounds, I walk a lot without needing to stop and rest along the way. My kids have to catch up with me because I am walking too fast.*
Before the surgery, when I would go to theme parks, I was too big for the rides. I was told I was too fat and could not go on them with my kids. Now I go on amusement park rides with no problems, and no one looks at me as if I am too fat for them.*
I am very happy with this procedure, and I love my doctor for all they have done for me. Everyone at the Premier Weight Loss Center cares for the patients and does not judge them. I would do the surgery all over again, and I brag about this medical center to all my friends. I even had two friends who also had the procedure done.*
*Results may vary.
Thanks to all who helped me!
To learn more about surgery for successful weight loss, contact our Premier Weight Loss Center of San Diego. You can attend one of our free seminars which are held daily or you can attend one of our monthly free support group meetings which are held on the second Monday of every month at 6:30 pm. The Premier Weight Loss Center can be reached at 800-GBC-7103 or 800-422-7103. *Results may vary from person to person.


Body Contouring for Problem Areas

i-Lipo Body Sculpting

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As you reach a healthier weight with the Lap-Band®, you may desire a more toned appearance to complement the new you. This is why patients sometimes turn to body contouring options.*
*Results may vary. All medical procedures have risks of complications.
Invasive vs. Noninvasive Contouring
Liposuction and tummy tucks are two well known plastic surgery procedures for body shaping, but these invasive techniques involve anesthesia, recovery, and interrupted activities. Fortunately, there are alternatives.*
We offer noninvasive laser contouring that features short treatments, generally immediate results, and usually no downtime. *Commonly treated areas include places prone to fat deposits, such as the waist, thighs, hips, and upper arms.* Before body contouring, you may want to be at or close to your post-surgical goal weight. Certain medical conditions may also prevent you from receiving the treatment. *To find out if you’re a candidate, simply check with your physician.*
*Results may vary. All medical procedures have risks of complications.  Consult your doctor.
Reducing Inches with i-Lipo
The i-Lipo laser contouring is an effective and affordable alternative to traditional liposuction. Clinical studies have verified the laser’s capabilities, and it has FDA approval. An i-Lipo body sculpting laser generally provides immediate results and is safe when administered by qualified staff. Since it is noninvasive, work and activity schedules are not usually affected. The time commitment is also manageable. As with any procedure, you’ll want to gain the information you need before scheduling treatment.*
During the technique, a low level laser stimulates the body to shrink its own fat cells. *This procedure has gained popularity because it generally triggers fat elimination without pain. The i-Lipo laser contours and creates a measurable loss of inches in targeted areas.*
*Results may vary. All medical procedures have risks of complications.  Consult your doctor.
Advanced Weight Loss Services
Fitness and nutrition are key components to losing and maintaining weight and a trim body. If you decide to integrate advanced body contouring, the i-Lipo laser technique can be a viable alternative to invasive procedures.*
At Lap-Band San Diego we take a multidisciplinary approach to weight loss, providing a range of resources. If you’re interested in i-Lipo, please contact the Gastric Banding Medical Group for a consultation.*
*Results may vary. All medical procedures have risks of complications.  Consult your doctor.

A Healthy Pregnancy After Lap-Band

12 Jul 2013 LAP-BAND Procedure

If you’re an overweight woman who is planning to have a child in the future, the Lap-Band® procedure can be an important step in preparing for a safe, healthy pregnancy. Lap-Band surgery may lead to significant weight loss and the reduction of obesity complications. Here are some points to consider to have a healthy pregnancy after Lap-Band. *

  • You need 12-18 months of “me” time. We recommend waiting at least one year after the procedure before trying to get pregnant. Dedicate this time period to concentrating on your own weight loss, as the body adjusts to the Lap-Band. Preferably, before becoming pregnant, you will have reached a healthy weight. *
  • In some cases, weight loss can enhance fertility. Being significantly overweight may affect hormone levels and fertility. As the weight comes off, fertility could improve. It is important to remember that your smaller stomach may not absorb oral contraceptives as well, meaning you should consider alternative forms of contraception. *
  • A healthier weight may mean fewer complications. Pregnancy with obesity carries risks. Excessive weight is associated with specific health concerns as you carry a child. Achieving a healthy weight with Lap-Band can alleviate the worries over pregnancy complications related to obesity. *
  • Congratulations! Let us know you’re pregnant. Your obstetrician is vital to the health of your baby. You’ll also want to contact your Lap-Band San Diego physician when you receive the good news. During this time, you will need to gain some weight. Your band can be loosened, allowing you to follow your obstetrician’s recommendations concerning nutrition and food intake. Because the Lap-Band is adjustable, it does not prevent a baby from receiving nourishment from its mother. The band should also support more gradual weight increases. *
  • Think weight loss after baby. Once your bundle of joy arrives, talk to your medical providers about the best time to make adjustments for weight loss. These can usually be performed while breastfeeding, if you continue eating nutrient-rich foods for your little one *

A healthy pregnancy is the top priority. Contact Lap-Band San Diego if you need more information as you start or add to your family.
*Results may vary. All medical procedures have risks of complications.  Consult your doctor.

Weight Loss Success After LAP-BAND

* Results may vary from person to person.
The road to optimal weight loss and improved health can begin with the LAP-BAND® procedure, which may lead to gradual and safe weight reductions. * We believe the average patient may lose more than 20 pounds throughout the year after surgery, with approximately two-pound decreases each week. These losses generally continue over time, so patients at five years post-surgery generally lose an average of 60% of their excess weight! Lap-Band weight loss occurs because the device limits the amount of food the stomach can hold, creating a feeling of fullness with smaller portions.*
* Results may vary from person to person.
Weight Maintenance.
Once a target weight is reached, many Lap-Band patients maintain their results. During the longest study to date of the procedure, more than 3,000 patients were followed for 10 to 15 years. The study results, published in January, found that a significant number of participants maintained their losses beyond a decade, making the procedure a long-term method for substantial weight loss. *
* Results may vary from person to person.
Lifestyle and Lap-Band.
Though the surgery is integral to this success, behavioral and dietary changes also play a role in dramatic weight loss after Lap-Band. You must be open to following lap band dietary guidelines, such as eating high protein meals and avoiding snacks. Exercising regularly can also encourage the body to shed weight sooner. Your physician will let you know when to start exercising after surgery. You’ll be encouraged to get active at least four times a week, incorporating both cardio and strength training. Fortunately, most of the weight lost following Lap-Band is excess fat. You keep more of the lean muscle you need for a healthy metabolism and fitness.*
* Results may vary from person to person.
Aftercare and Support.
At Lap-Band San Diego, we offer excellent aftercare and programs for continued success. Life after Lap-Band does require smart choices. However, with education and support groups, you’ll have the tools for life changing reductions in weight and obesity-related health complications. * Please contact us for more information about the Lap-Band Procedure.
* Results may vary from person to person.

Lap-Band Surgery – there are no words to express my gratitude.

25 Apr 2013 LAP-BAND News

To the team at Gastric Banding Medical Group:

San Diego Lap Band Surgery

* Results may vary from person to person.

There’s no words to express my gratitude. What is one year of life worth that you would have lost to obesity, embarrassment, humiliation, loneliness, fear, poor health… and how do you thank the people who gave you a MULTITUDE of years back. Years full of confidence, joy, energy, new opportunities, new relationships, new self-esteem, new goals. Again, I couldn’t possibly thank you enough.*
My name is Adrianne Kozlik and I had the lap-band procedure done, I believe, in 2009. I was upwards of 270 lbs. I had tried everything. I cried constantly. I was on severe depression medication. My husband was distant and stayed out at night more and more often. I used to watch the pretty skinny girls walk around the mall as a slinked myself into the “plus sized” stores and cried in the dressing room of every one of them. I was winded walking up one flight of stairs. I couldn’t cross my legs. I couldn’t see my collar bones. I couldn’t lay on my stomach. Then came the silver lining…*
LAP-BAND Suergery in San Diego

* Results may vary from person to person.

Since the surgery, I have lost 140 lbs and currently weigh a healthy, happy 130. I went from a size 22 pant, to a size 6. I’m surfing again – something I had put away when I hit 200 lbs…I thought I had put it away forever. I’m painting again because I feel inspired. I’m loving again because I feel worthy of love. The husband I had when I got the surgery eventually divorced me about six months after the surgery because he claimed I wasn’t losing the weight fast enough and I wasn’t even trying. That kicked me into high gear. I was determined to let NOTHING stop me gaining my life back… and nothing did. In fact, when I lost my first 100 lbs, my gift from my friends was to sponsor me on a 5k mud run obstacle course, which I finished (although slowly!), but I finished. I had never felt so good. I broke down in tears…and then had a couple beers 🙂 You and this life-saving procedure did that for me.*
I’ve maintained my weight for about a year now, so I wanted to show you some pictures of me now and the new life and support team of friends and family I have with me that have helped me through the entire process. I hope my story helps some other poor soul contemplating this procedure. It absolutely saved my life. It absolutely saved the quality of my life. It was, by far, the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Again, there are no words to thank you all.*
Here’s to you continuing to make new lives…cheers!
Adrianne Kozlik
p.s. If there’s any way you can forward me the picture you took of me prior to my lap-band surgery that would be great… most of my friends STILL don’t believe I ever weighed that much 🙂
* Results may vary from person to person.