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Getting a grip on obesity

by Loretta Grantham / Palm Beach Post
November 12, 2006
Many patients pondering weight-loss surgery, such as Margaret Kendall, say the thought of slicing, stapling and rerouting their digestive system is more than they can stomach. Read more.

Study: Gastric band works better than 500-calorie diet

by Nanci Hellmich / USA Today
May 2, 2006
Adjustable gastric banding is much more effective long-term than a very low-calorie diet for people who are about 50 pounds overweight , a study shows. Medical guidelines support this surgical procedure — which puts a band around the top of stomach to create a feeling of fullness — in patients who are extremely obese , about 100 or more pounds over a healthy weight , or those who are almost as overweight and have serious medical conditions, such as type 2 diabetes. Read more.

On a Scale of Life or Death

by Valerie Reitman / Los Angeles Times
Jan 4, 2006
It started with a terrible dream: Cyrus Tehrani had died. At the funeral, his wife and six children wept over his outsized coffin. That nightmare jolted Joe Guarderas awake. He knew that if his best friend Cyrus, 34, didn’t take drastic action, the dream would become reality. Cyrus had grown gargantuan. Read more.

Diet: As obesity surgery soars, patients weigh which method is best

By Marilynn Marchione / Associated Press
Jan 1, 2006
As more people abandon New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and turn to obesity surgery, doctors are debating which type is safest and best. And researchers are uncovering some surprising trends. The most common method in the United States – gastric bypass, or stomach-stapling surgery – may be riskier than once thought. Read more.
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